Hospital Operations

Incident Command & Emergency Preparedness Documents

The COVID-19 Entity Hospital Incident Command link takes you to the Emergency Management SharePoint site. This site includes the incident command and emergency preparedness plans for each THR entity. Listed below are the documents contained on this site:

Important Incident Command Documents

  • Emergency Operations Plan
  • Succession Plan & Authority Matrix
  • Hospital Incident Command System Assignments
  • CMS 1135 Blanket Waiver

Checklists & Forms (In Alphabetic Order)

  • Air Operations Branch Director Position Checklist
  • Compensation-Claims Unit Leader Position Checklist
  • Cost Unit Leader Position Checklist
  • Demobilization Unit Leader Position Checklist
  • Division-Group Supervisor Position Checklist
  • Documentation Unit Leader Position Checklist
  • EM/Security Command Center Contact Sheet
  • Facilities Unit Leader Position Checklist
  • Finance-Administration Section Chief Position Checklist
  • Food Unit Leader Position Checklist
  • Ground Support Unit Leader Position Checklist
  • Hospital Incident Command System Fillable Forms
  • Incident Commander Position Checklist
  • Medical Unit Leader Position Checklist
  • Logistics Section Chief Position Checklist
  • Operations Branch Director Position Checklist
  • Planning Section Chief Position Checklist
  • Public Information Officer Position Checklist
  • Resources Unit Leader Position Checklist
  • Safety Officer Position Checklist
  • Security and EM Contact List
  • Staging Area Manager Position Checklist
  • Strike Team-Task Force Leader Position Checklist
  • Supply Unit Leader Position Checklist
  • Support Branch Director Position Checklist
  • Technical Specialists Position Checklist
  • Time Unit Leader Position Checklist

COVID Email Contacts

To facilitate communication with specific functional areas, all emails related to COVID-19 should go to the email addresses below:

All emails received from third parties (e.g. vendors, neighborhood associations, individuals, churches, etc.) offering to help Texas Health with supply or other needs we may have relating to the pandemic should be directed to


COVID-19 issues relating to governmental entities, including but not limited to emergency management functions, American Hospital Association/Texas Hospital Association, Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council and similar organizations, should be sent to Also, emails relating to data requests from these same groups.

System Incident Command Winjie Miao, SEVP Chief Experience Officer  
Liaison Officer Command David Tesmer, Chief Community & Public Policy Officer All COVID-19 issues relating to governmental entities, including but not limited to emergency management functions, American Hospital Association/Texas Hospital Association, Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council and similar organizations
Public Information Command Mark Riordan, VP Stakeholder Engagement  
Hospital Channel Operations Kirk King, COO Hospital Channel  
THPG Channel Operations Dr. Shawn Parsley, President & COO, THPG  
Clinical Channel Operations Dr. Andy Masica, CMO Reliable Health All COVID-19 Issues relating primarily to nursing care, clinical decision-making, infection prevention and similar questions.
COVID-19-related emails that previously have been sent to Dr. Koshy-Nesbit, Dr. Masica, Dr. Robinson, or Sharon Williamson/System Infection Prevention should be sent to the new Clinical Operations email address.
Planning Command John Mitchell, COO Amb/Post-Acute/Channel Sup Services  
Logistics (Supplies) Command Shaun Clinton, SVP Supply Chain Mgt All offers received from third parties (e.g. vendors, neighborhood associations, individuals, churches, etc.) offering to help Texas Health with supply or other needs we may have relating to the pandemic.
Finance Command Rick McWhorter, EVP & Chief Financial Officer All COVID-19 finance-related questions, issues, concerns, needs or requests
Human Resources Command Carla Dawson, Chief People Officer All COVID-19 human resources related questions, issues, concerns, needs or requests.
Logistics (ITS) Command Joey Sudomir, SVP, Chief Information Officer  

Emergency Management & Security Command Center Contact List

Entity Emergency Management Hospital President and Assigned EMC Coordinator

ENTITY Hospital President Assigned EMC Coordinator
Texas Health Allen THA Jared Shelton Toby Miller
Texas Health Alliance THAL Clint Abernathy Michael Barkman
Texas Health Arlington Memorial THAM Blake Kretz Jesse Collin
Texas Health Azle THAZ Tonya Sosebee Darius Jones
Texas Health Cleburne THC Ajith Pai Catherine Gonzalez
Texas Health Dallas THD Jim Parobek Doug Willis
Texas Health Denton THDN Jeff Reecer Rich Gabehart
Texas Health Frisco THF Brett Lee Lorrie Elizarraraz
Texas Health Fort Worth THFW Texas Health Specialty THSH Texas Health Burleson THB Texas Health Willow Park THWP Joseph DeLeon Deborah Sutton
Texas Health HEB THHEB Fraser Hay Tom Cassidy
Texas Health Kaufman THK Brett Kirkham Michael Lowe
Texas Health Plano THP Joshua Floren Stephan Epley
Texas Health Stephenville THS Christopher Leu James Robardey
Texas Health Southwest THSW Becky Tucker Clint Sanders

Infectious Disease Entity Physicians/Medical Directors

Entity Physician Contact
Texas Health Allen Dr. Zartash Khan (972) 837-0924
Texas Health Alliance Dr. Nikhil Bhayani 817-916-8877
Texas Health Arlington Memorial Dr. Ricardo Quezada (972) 866-4311
Texas Health Azle Dr. Nikhil Bhayani 817-916-8877
Texas Health Cleburne Dr. Nikhil Bhayani 817-916-8877
Texas Health Dallas Dr. Allison Liddell (214) 691-8306
Texas Health Denton Dr. Javed Akram (940) 566-0714
Texas Health Flower Mound Dr. Sujatha Krishnan (214) 396-8877
Texas Health Fort Worth Dr. Ceres Tiu (817) 887-9389
Texas Health Frisco Dr. Daniella Angulo-Thompson (972) 867-9131
Texas Health HEB Dr. Priya Subramanian 817-916-8877
Texas Health Huguley Dr. Krishna Bobbili (817) 349-9500
Texas Health Kaufman Dr. Mark Sij (972) 932-5555
Texas Health Plano Dr. Dina Torten (214) 396-8877
Texas Health Rockwall Dr. Claire Brenner (972) 494-1155
Texas Health Southlake Dr. Mennakshi Prabhakar (817) 858-0065
Texas Health Southwest Dr Bryan Youree (817) 810-9810
Texas Health Stephenville Dr. Marilyn Brister (817) 496-9700

Infection Prevention Contact Information

Hospital Specialist Email Address
Texas Health Allen Chitanda, Donald (Interim)
Texas Health Alliance Hobbs, Kristina M (Interim)
Texas Health Alliance Manandhar, Deepika
Texas Health Arlington Zitrick, Stephanie Michelle
Texas Health Arlington Memorial Prieto, Vanida Sakdavong
Texas Health Arlington Memorial Stewart, Deborah
Texas Health Azle Deen, Briar Landon
Texas Health Cleburne Parker, Laura
Texas Health Dallas Kaur, Gurminder
Texas Health Dallas Seymour, Kimberly A
Texas Health Dallas Johnson, Noreen
Texas Health Dallas George, Camellia
Texas Health Denton Henderson, Joel
Texas Health Denton Sutton, Kim
Texas Health Fort Worth Canning, Matthew Kyle
Texas Health Fort Worth Whitton, Kellie Doss
Texas Health Fort Worth Smoczkiewicz, Demitris Norwood
Texas Health Fort Worth Groves, Justin Aaron
Texas Health Fort Worth Gabriel, Prinu
Texas Health Frisco Mehta, Puja
Texas Health HEB Sammons, Alviony F
Texas Health HEB Gbedemah, Sasha
Texas Health Kaufman Hurtado, M. Anita
Texas Health Plano Grayson, Catherine
Texas Health Plano Monken, Jerilyn
Texas Health Resources Chitanda, Donald
Texas Health Resources Crutchfield, Diana K.
Texas Health Resources Danielson, Barbara
Texas Health Resources Sutton, April Susanne
Texas Health Resources Hobbs, Kristina M
Texas Health Resources Bhayani, Nikhil K (Medical Director)
Texas Health Resources Williamson, Sharon Ann
Texas Health Southwest/Clearfork Alanis, Shayne
Texas Health Southwest/Clearfork Rhodes, Katherine
Texas Health Southwest/Clearfork Stewart, Deborah
Texas Health Stephenville Tidwell, Lacie A


Inpatient Surge Plans

THR Inpatient Surge: Unit/Room Preparation Checklist

ED Surge Plans

Bed Activation

Surge/Over-Flow Beds Process

  • Activating/Unhiding Surge/Over-flow Beds
    • Entity leadership/Nursing Supervisor notifies the Patient Logistics Center (PLC) of the entity surge/over-flow beds to be activated/unhidden
    • PLC or ITS will notify Ryan Felde of surge/over-flow bed activation so room counts can be corrected for reporting/dashboards
    • Beds can be activated individually, in small groups, or all beds as needed. Hospital leadership will direct PLC on exactly which beds to activate.
    • During use of the surge beds, the hospital should communicate to ancillary departments that the plan is activated.
    • Remind staff that patients in the surge beds can be found on the ICU Unit Manager or ICU System List. All surge beds (except for ED) are set up as ICU beds, as that bed designation has the most flexibility in kinds of patients that can be placed there.
    • Reinforce to staff that they should pay attention to the patient’s rooms number for their location and not just the nursing unit. This will reduce the chance of delaying care by staff going to the wrong location to find a patient who is in a virtual bed in a different location.
  • Deactivating Surge/Over-flow Beds
    • Entity notifies PLC to de-activate/hide the surge/over-flow beds
      • Leaving beds active will add these beds to the number of available census beds and may inflate bed numbers sent to outside agencies.
    • PLC or ITS will notify Ryan Felde of surge/over-flow bed deactivation/hiding so room counts can be corrected for reporting/dashboards

Request Process for Transporting Medical Devices

To request transportation of THR assets, Biomed (HTM) On-Call Contacts:

  • Arlington/HEB/Southlake: (817)-239-7383
  • Alliance/Denton/Flower Mound: (940)-208-9347
  • Allen/Plano: (817)-239-6801
  • Azle/Fort Worth: (817)-247-4784
  • Cleburne/Southwest/Stephenville: (817)-822-5881
  • Dallas/Kaufman/Rockwall: (817)-239-6417

Please ensure as much advance notice as possible to expedite the request.

Procedure for In-person Classes

The number of attendees must be limited to allow for at least 6 feet between attendees. All attendees must remain at least 6 feet apart for duration of class (excluding partners for childbirth classes).

  • Attendees will be screened at entrance to facility and provided a facemask
  • Attendees will have their temperature taken at entrance to the classroom
  • Attendees will be required to wear hospital-provided facemasks for the duration of their time in the facility

Education Assistant will call the attendees 48 hours prior to class to:

  • Screen attendees for COVID symptoms
  • Provide class reminders
  • Provide location of classroom and entrance closest to classroom to minimize movement in the facility
  • Provide disclaimer that class could be changed to virtual if necessary

Instructor will have 1 ½ hrs. between different classes to clean and prep room.

When Educator/Education Assistant arrives for class: (Wear gloves for all set-up. Perform hand hygiene prior to and after gloving)

  • Arrange tables at least 6 feet apart
  • Using a hospital-approved disinfectant, wipe down commonly touched equipment and surfaces such as tables, chairs, doorknobs and mats
  • Put out hand sanitizer and have extra masks available for attendees
  • Put out materials for class
  • Space mats out at least 6 feet apart if using for relaxation
  • Disinfect labor balls/peanut ball with hospital approved disinfectant
  • Place tennis balls and/or tennis balls in tube socks in Ziploc bags

Equipment Set-up:

  • Disinfect podium and computer set up with hospital approved disinfectant then set- up equipment

Snack distribution:

  • Perform hand hygiene and don gloves prior to distributing snacks
    • Snacks must be individually wrapped
  • After break, remind everyone to perform hand hygiene, put masks back on, and discard wrappers in trash dispensers

Lunch Break:

  • Remind students they can exit and re-enter during the day through the closest entrance to the classroom.
  • Discourage students from lingering and socializing in common areas.
  • Disinfect anything that was shared
    • If teaching disinfect all mannequins
  • Disinfect all equipment used if setting up for another class
  • Restock masks and alcohol hand sanitizer, as needed
  • Put out any new materials needed for class

After Class:

  • Disinfect tables, chairs and all surfaces/materials utilized in class
  • Reconfigure room and return to original setup
  • Disinfect kitchen table and counter tops as well as any kitchen storage areas that were used