Whether you are a parent challenged by your child's difficulty with eating or a parent who has been told that your child may need therapy for a swallowing disorder, the oral-motor/feeding therapy program at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano can help. Therapists at Texas Health Plano are specially trained in treating feeding and swallowing disorders in children. Treatment takes place in one-on-one sessions held in rooms with two-way mirrors which allow parents to observe the interaction between the therapist and their child.

Therapists in the program recognize the frustration felt by children's parents, and are committed to listening, answering questions and working as a team. In addition to expert treatment in therapy sessions, they'll give you practical techniques you can use at home to help manage your child's swallowing or feeding problem.


Treatment for swallowing and feeding disorders begins with an initial evaluation conducted by a speech pathologist or occupational therapist specializing in pediatric dysphagia (swallowing disorders). The assessment includes a review of parent/caregiver concerns and the child's medical/feeding history. An oral-mechanism examination is completed, and a small meal will be observed to obtain information regarding the child's current diet, feeding behaviors, ability to manage oral intake, and the interaction between the child and the parent/caregiver.

For additional information about the oral-motor/feeding therapy program at Texas Health Plano or to schedule an appointment, call 972-981-8185. A physician referral is required to schedule an appointment.

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