Texas Health Resources
2020 Social Purpose Report

Texas Health’s Mission and social purpose is to improve the health of the people in the communities we serve. In this report, you will find information about key programs, strategies and goals we have to optimize our organization and improve the health and well-being of North Texas communities.

Barclay Berdan
A Message from Our CEO

“With unwavering tenacity, courage and resilience, Texas Health’s employees poured everything into using their gifts in service to others in 2020.”

Our Social Purpose Priorities

About Texas Health

Texas Health Resources is a faith-based, nonprofit health system with more than 350 points of access in North Texas that provide the full continuum of care for nearly all stages of life.

Caring for Our Communities

Serving our neighbors and improving community health is rooted in our Mission. As a faith-based nonprofit, Texas Health is committed to providing health services and support that lead to measurable, sustainable improvements in our communities.

Caring for Our Consumers

Our consumers trust us with the most important part of their lives: their health and well-being. To deliver on that promise, we must provide an exceptional, safe, reliable, personalized experience.

Caring for Our Employees

Our employees feel called to work in a healing ministry that improves the quality of life for millions of North Texans. Their ability to make an impact and reach for their personal best contributes to our long-term sustainability.

Texas Health Alliance Staff Forming Heart in the Garden
Optimizing our Care Environment

Texas Health invests in keeping our environment of care, safe, healthy and efficient to provide an exceptional healing experience for the people we serve.

2020 Social Purpose Summary Report

Highlights from Texas Health’s 2020 social purpose programs, goals and performance are summarized in this report.

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