Over the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the lives of millions of Americans. It also tested us – as individuals and families and as an organization.

While the pandemic took us on some twists and turns, we adapted, grew and are now stronger from what we experienced. I’m proud of our people and the courage, compassion and grit they exhibited during this extremely challenging time.

In our 2021 Social Purpose Report, we share our progress toward realizing our Vision of partnering with individuals for a lifetime of health and well-being, and highlight how we managed environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that are essential to fulfilling our Mission. During the year, we cared for thousands of consumers – and each other – while continuing to transform our organization, strengthen our capabilities and meet the needs of our communities.

This is the 10th report on our ESG commitments and I’m proud of the advancements Texas Health has made. As we navigate the next chapter of our journey, we will continue to bolster our resiliency and evolve as a high reliability organization by:

Fortifying our system and our care teams

While we are fortunate that our culture attracts talent to Texas Health, these past two years have strained our workforce. We are embracing new ways of thinking, refining our care delivery models and giving our people additional support and tools to do their best work.

We are also building and developing our pipeline of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals to continue caring for our growing population.

Putting care in the reach of more people

We are expanding to meet the healthcare needs of North Texans in new and traditional ways. We are building and expanding facilities, bringing urgent care closer to home and expanding our virtual care capabilities.

Offering additional channels makes it easier for consumers to access the care they need where they want it, when they want it and how they want it.

Accelerating diversity, equity and inclusion

To unleash creativity and capitalize on the benefits that each individual offers, we are executing strategies that embrace diversity, equity and inclusion inside and outside of our walls.

We are empowering our leaders, people, suppliers and communities to cultivate innovation that will strengthen our system and the quality of life for North Texans.

Delivering equitable care that restores health and well-being

We will continue to advocate for, fund and execute programs that make it easy for consumers of any socioeconomic status to access and receive care, services and support.

We are broadening our impact by collaborating with community health agencies and universities and pooling our resources. Together, we are providing pandemic relief and behavioral health support, tackling healthcare disparities, and improving healthcare literacy and navigation across Dallas-Fort Worth.

Improving health outcomes and healing environments

We continue to optimize our systems, workflows and processes to help us deliver reliable, safe and quality care. Reducing unnecessary variation in care saves lives, reduces medical errors, provides a better care experience and lowers costs.

Additionally, we are building and operating our locations to reduce waste, energy and water consumption. While our overall system footprint is expanding, these efforts are helping us to minimize environmental impacts.

We also are harnessing the power of data, analytics and artificial intelligence to not only improve our operations but enhance how we care for our consumers. These capabilities allow us to identify and predict North Texans’ healthcare needs, engage them with services and support, and tailor their care management.

These are challenging yet exciting times. We have proven that we can achieve amazing things when working with, learning from and supporting one another. As we embark on another year of caring for North Texans in 2022, we intend to deepen our value as a community asset. Thank you for supporting our Mission.


Barclay E. Berdan, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer

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