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Securing our System

Texas Health’s System Security and Police Department comprises officers who receive rigorous training to assess and mitigate potential security risks. They patrol building campuses, enforce our policies, assist consumers and employees, and intervene when threats arise.

2021 Highlights
  • Conducted risk assessments and upgraded building-access control systems, security cameras and monitoring and recording systems.
  • Updated our weapons prevention policy to reinforce that weapons are prohibited inside our entities and outline actions employees should take to secure and release weapons if needed.
  • Contracted with security agencies to provide additional officers during staffing shortages and increased patrols in higher-risk locations.

Security Force Training Academy

Through the Texas Health Security Training Academy, we tailor the curriculum to healthcare and our system, delivering instruction that provides a cohesive understanding of our procedures and expectations. Texas Health provides standardized instruction to security officers that meet the Texas Department of Public Safety’s regulations and licensing requirements. The training has proven effective in increasing the safety of our officers and entities.

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