Twenty-five years ago, Presbyterian Healthcare Resources, Harris Methodist Health System and Arlington Memorial Hospital came together to form Texas Health Resources. Since then, Texas Health has provided care through 36 million patient encounters, delivered 640,000 babies, administered hundreds of thousands of influenza and COVID-19 vaccines and contributed impactfully to our community.

Today, North Texas is the fourth most populous region in the nation. Our system has expanded to more than 400 points of access to meet our region’s health and well-being needs. We’ve added a wide range of services and additional Texas Health Physicians Group practices, Neighborhood Care & Wellness Centers as well as Breeze Urgent Care and hospital locations. We also introduced at-home care and enhanced our virtual care capabilities to provide access and support when and where consumers need it.

Our system continues our digital transformation to connect consumers to healthcare services, resources and providers seamlessly. Through these innovations, we guide consumers to support and suggest behavior changes before health conditions escalate. We also create personalized care journeys that improve consumer experiences and outcomes.

As a faith-based, nonprofit health system, Texas Health has a mission to care for all in our community and keep North Texans healthy. We conducted our triennial Community Health Needs Assessment in 2022, which guides our efforts to fund and deliver programs that address the most pressing needs. Our communities remain impacted by the lasting effects of the pandemic and continue to struggle with food and housing insecurity, mental health, substance use disorders and health inequities.

To retain our position as a community health leader, we continued enhancing our workplace and environments of care to improve employee, provider and patient satisfaction. Amidst industrywide workforce shortages, increased workplace violence and inflation, we strengthened physical and mental health protections for our people while maximizing the value and services we provide North Texans.

There is much to be proud of in our past and hopeful for in our future. Through sustainable, purpose-driven strategies, we will help make North Texas a healthier place to live, work, play and pray. We look forward to driving healthcare innovation for the next quarter century and appreciate your support of our Mission.


Barclay E. Berdan, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer

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