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Design and Operations

Texas Health seeks to improve building durability, efficiency and affordability while maintaining comfort and safety when constructing or refurbishing a facility. We recognize that the better we build and operate our buildings, the more we can reduce long-term costs and environmental impacts.

All new buildings we construct meet the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) standards; in existing facilities, we make improvements aligned with LEED where possible. The LEED rating system provides organizations with a framework to develop healthy, efficient, carbon and cost-saving green buildings. We also incorporate the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Framework for Design Excellence and the AIA 2030 Commitment goals for energy and water efficiency, healthy building materials and occupant well-being into expansion projects.

Additionally, we reduce impacts by:

  • Installing “smart” building controls that integrate with heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems. These enable buildings to run at peak performance while consuming less energy.
  • Collecting rainwater and air conditioning condensation for reuse in landscaping and cooling towers.
  • Capturing “free” heat using heat-recovery chillers that extract heat from the chilled water loop.
  • Preheating water used in restrooms and kitchens using water returned from heat recovery chillers.
  • Reducing airflow in vacant operating rooms to reduce energy use. Controls are designed to maintain proper air pressure.
  • Using wireless and efficient LED lighting controls that adjust to daylight in garages or brighten corridors during visiting hours. We save, on average, $7.5 million a year from using LED lighting alone.
  • Installing efficient variable frequency drives on motorized plant equipment to reduce energy consumption.
2022 Highlights

Texas Health:

  • Completed the largest expansion in Texas Health history — the Jane and John Justin Tower at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth – using green building guidelines and design excellence standards that provided the greatest energy and water efficiency. The project was named the D CEO Outstanding Medical Real Estate Project.
  • Opened The Center for Women at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton after gathering extensive input from recent mothers and mothers-to-be to enhance their comfort and convenience.

Healing Features

To promote a soothing and home-like environment for employees, patients and visitors, we:

  • Optimize natural lighting and plant trees, gardens and landscapes.
  • Install healing gardens and walking trails that offer respite.
  • Reduce noise from building operations, imaging, wind and people.
  • Enable patients to adjust their heat, air and lighting from their beds.
  • Deploy infection-control, ventilation and room design practices that reduce potential exposure to infectious diseases, viruses or bacteria.
2022 Highlights

Texas Health:

  • Received the Department of the Year award from the Association for Health Care Environment at Texas Health Hospital Frisco. Its Environmental Services team was honored for outstanding achievements contributing to the overall patient experience, including cleaning, infection prevention, environmental sustainability and stewardship.
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