We leverage data and analytics to deliver a personalized care experience based on consumers’ unique needs. With their consent, we collect information about consumers’ health history, insurance coverage, socioeconomic and demographic factors, religion, culture, identity and more. This information is protected and we do not share it with third parties unless permission is granted. We then use analytic tools and modeling to help us:

  • Identify and proactively engage high-risk individuals about programs, services and care that can help them avoid costly and extensive treatment.
  • Introduce people new to our service area to Texas Health's services, providers and resources they may need – before they need them.
  • Monitor healthcare trends and needs so we can expand capabilities and services where needed most.
  • Drive consumers to the right care site at the right time for the right need.
  • Identify regional disparities and close health equity gaps.

Additionally, we embed analytical tools into digital channels, such as our website, outreach emails or online ads. This helps navigate consumers to appropriate resources and support based on their interests.

For example, if a woman takes a health assessment on our website, analytics may prompt her to make an appointment with an orthopedics provider or direct her to information about arthritis based on what the assessment revealed. If she doesn’t act, an automatic reminder will pop up the next time she visits TexasHealth.org to encourage her to seek care.

2022 Highlights

Texas Health:

  • Embedded analytic tools on TexasHealth.org to connect consumers who explore heart and vascular, primary care, urgent care, diabetes, back and spine, breast care and orthopedic services to the resources they need.
  • Automated more than 70 internally developed predictive models, which use historical data to predict future needs. For example, we can identify candidates who could benefit from our diabetes education program to share information about our classes.

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