Total Rewards

Our compensation policies reflect the belief that everyone deserves respect and should share in our success. Offering competitive salaries and benefits is essential to attracting and retaining top talent, so we pay wages at or above the median rate in North Texas.

For those who are eligible, our benefits package averages approximately 30% of employees' salaries and includes the following:

  • Medical insurance: We pay approximately 80% of medical insurance costs and tier employee premiums based on their salaries. Employee-only coverage is available for less than $17 per month for those who earn under $50,000. We also subsidize health plan costs for older workers moving from full- to part-time status. We offer health plans from various insurers. Our high-deductible options include a Health Savings Account with employer contributions each pay period. With most medical plan options, employees can consult virtually with physicians 24 hours a day at no extra cost.
  • Family-friendly benefits and services: We offer adoption assistance, parental leave, discounted on-site child care at certain locations, generous paid time off, infertility coverage, lactation support and more.
  • Retirement: We increase 401(k) retirement plan contributions based on length of employment and start employer contributions at six months of service. After 10 years of service, we contribute up to $1.25 for every $1 that employees contribute (up to 6% of their salaries).
  • Education: We offer a $50/month student loan repayment program and reimburse tuition and fees for approved degree plans.

To drive pay equity, we evaluate our pay practices and programs yearly. We also conduct annual internal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission mock audits to identify and investigate concerns.

2022 Highlights

Texas Health:

  • Began offering infertility and gender reassignment insurance coverage in our medical plans.
  • Enabled employees to conduct telehealth medical visits with no copay.
  • Added community resources and 2-1-1 Texas, a free service that helps find food, housing, childcare, crisis counseling or substance abuse treatment, to our benefits website.
  • Expanded our bereavement time off program from one to three days and three to five days (based on the relationship).
  • Earned a “satisfaction with benefits” rate of 77%, down slightly from 78% in 2021.
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