Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine does not just offer physical therapy. It reaches beyond the walls of the hospital and into the community, high schools and club sports teams. Athletic trainers regularly work with local sports groups and organizations. As a benefit to our community, Texas Health provides an array of services to support you, your team, school or university.

Texas Health Ben Hogan offers an athletic training outreach program which uses licensed athletic trainers to provide health care services to participants at practices, games, tournaments, and community events in North Texas. Athletic trainers are allied health professionals who work with physicians on the medical staff to prevent, evaluate, manage, and care for many different types of injuries. Our athletic training program assists injured athletes with their medical journey including on-the-field treatment to care at a Texas Health hospital, physician or outpatient service. We can customize all of our programs to meet the needs of your athletic event.

Athletic Trainer Outreach Contact

Benjamin Drake

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