While some individuals who have had a concussion may be able to attend school without increasing their symptoms, the majority will probably need some modifications depending on the nature of the symptoms. The student, coach, athletic trainer and teacher may need to work on a "trial and error" basis to discover what the student can and cannot do.

Return-to-class guidelines include:

  • The parent should notify the school of the students' concussion when it occurs.
  • The parent may request "Academic Accommodation" or a modified school schedule in accordance to physician recommendations.
  • When a student athlete returns to school after a concussion, they should check-in with the school nurse as well as with the Athletic Trainer.
  • If the student is unable to attend school for an entire day without symptoms, they might try a half-day. Some students may only be able to attend for one period, some not at all, due to severe headaches or other symptoms.
  • The student may require frequent breaks with rest periods in the nurse's office. Many students benefit from alternating a class with a rest period.
  • Students often complain of more symptoms during Math class than any other class.
  • Depending on their symptoms, some students may need to be driven to school to avoid walking and should be given elevator passes to avoid stairs. They should not attend gym or exercise classes.
  • The student may benefit from reduced homework loads and frequent breaks during homework. If possible, the teacher should postpone term papers. The school should consider offering the student with pre-printed class notes and tutors to relieve the pressure of schoolwork.
  • If the student is suffering with concentration and/or memory problems, tests, quizzes, PSAT and SAT tests and final exams should be delayed or postponed. Extra time or untimed tests may be necessary initially when the student resumes taking tests.
  • As the recovery process occurs, the student can gradually attend more class and begin to gradually resume athletics following their physician's guidelines.
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