If you need to recharge your batteries or address painful muscle tension, Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine works with a massage therapist to offer sports massage. Many athletes find this service helpful in loosening their muscles and their connective tissue covering.

Are you considering sports massage but unsure if you will benefit from it? Visit our frequently asked questions section for further information.

Rehabilitative Massage Therapy

Rehabilitative massage therapy works in conjunction with your physical therapy to help facilitate the healing process. The massage therapist works with your physical therapist to enhance your rehabilitation.

Sports Injury Prevention Massage Therapy

Sports injury prevention massage therapy (SIPMT) is specifically designed to reduce your risk of injury during competitive or recreational sports. By targeting specific muscle groups used during competition, SIPMT can loosen up your muscles to give you increased range of motion and decreased muscle tightness to increase your physical output.

Medical Massage Therapy

Medical massage therapy is an outcome-based therapy. Your treatments can be specific to one or two areas of the body or a full body treatment. This type of massage therapy is designed to reduce the intensity of your acute or chronic pain.

Stress Reduction Massage Therapy

Stress reduction massage therapy is designed to lower your overall cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is the "stress hormone" in the body. Decreasing the overall amount of cortisol allows your body to relax.

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