Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription and/or referral?

You do not need a prescription or referral for massage therapy services.

Will my insurance cover the cost of massage therapy?

Most major insurance companies do not cover massage therapy when performed by a massage therapist. If you wish to further inquire about reimbursement, we will provide you with all the paper work to do so.

Can I use my flexible spending account to cover the cost?

Most flexible spending accounts will cover massage therapy in full. Please call and confirm that your account will cover the cost before you start your treatments.

I was recently in a car accident. Will my car insurance cover the cost of massage therapy?

Yes. Most car insurance policies cover massage therapy in full when prescribed by a physician following an auto accident where you received soft tissue damage. Please call and confirm with your insurance provider before you start treatments.

What do I have to wear?

Our massage therapists are concerned about maintaining your privacy. You decide your level of comfort and dress accordingly. Our therapists are trained to work with your clothes on if that makes you most comfortable.

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