Do you toss and turn at night, wake up several times and start your day feeling less than refreshed? Do you snore heavily, wake with headaches or experience restless legs while you lie still? If so, you may be one of the 50 million Americans who suffer from sleep disorders. Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Stephenville has a Sleep Lab to serve those who get fewer winks than they should.

The Sleep Lab a two-bed clinic that brings advanced diagnostic sleep medicine services to residents in Erath County. Patients no longer need to travel to Fort Worth for sleep disorder diagnosis and care.

To facilitate accurate testing, the Sleep Lab is set up like a typical bedroom. The rooms are equipped with comfortable beds (full or queen), a TV and tasteful decorations with bathrooms located nearby. Recreating the home environment puts patients at ease and helps them sleep as they would in their own bed. Snacks including crackers, popcorn and peanut butter are also available for patients.

Patients who visit the Sleep Lab for an overnight study may be diagnosed with any of the 85 known sleep disorders. A variety of tests are available and can be utilized by physicians on the medical staff to help deal with sleep problems. If you suffer from a sleep disorder, the Sleep Lab may be just what you need to help kick the sheep out of your bedroom.

For more information, call 254-965-8742.

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