Do you feel safe and secure in your community? Did you know that community well-being can be the differentiator between a good life and a great one?

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Community well-being starts with basics: the quality of the water you drink and the air you breathe and a feeling of safety and security in the neighborhood where you live. Beyond the basics, a sense of community well-being can also come from living in a place that is a good fit for your personality type, lifestyle, family and interests.

People with a deep relationship to their community find ways to be involved in personal and meaningful ways. This engagement often comes from making their interests known to friends, colleagues and family members. Then, when the right opportunity comes along, they are likely to be called upon and get involved. Putting your personal passion to work for an area in which you are invested gives a high sense of satisfaction and enriches the people around you. Contributions may start small, but over time, lead to a profound impact on your community — and your own personal well-being.

Enrich your relationship with your community and enhance your own well-being:4

1. Identify how you can contribute to your community based on your personal mission.
2. Tell people about your passions and interests so they can connect you with relevant groups and causes.
3. Opt in to a community group or event. Even if you start small, start now.

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