A new health care experience based on the Texas Health Resources Well-being Improvement Solution greatly benefits physician efficiency and effectiveness.

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Is it possible for a hospital or physician practice that typically treats high volumes of seriously ill and at-risk patients to remain viable by not only shrinking this population, but also by providing intensive preventive care for those who are well and low utilizers of health care services? It may seem to go against conventional thinking. But at Texas Health Resources, this is our vision of the rewarding health care experience that we know is possible for our practitioners and their patients.

Together with our trusted partner Healthways, we will provide the practical tools and resources physicians need to build a more efficient practice with improved patient workflows that save time, optimize care and generate revenue. We will do it through a physician-directed, patient-centered approach that is well-coordinated, collaborative and supported by Healthways.

Together, we will provide physicians with the ability to:
  • Build the right infrastructure for success
  • Provide access to timely, actionable information - linked to predictive models, registries, and other inter-visit data and analytics-to help you analyze your patient panel and prioritize those you can impact themost
  • Coordinate complicated care situations between multiple providers
  • Provide direct care support activities

Well-being improvement is good for physicians' quality of life too.

Happier doctors can encourage happier patients. And collaborating with a partner like Healthways - who understands the challenges of today's primary practice and what it takes to support your total population management efforts - can:
  • Simplify the health care experience
  • Restore your ability to practice at the top of your license
  • Improve operational efficiency that can generate better outcomes and increase revenue
  • Save you time by helping you get to the right level of patient care faster
  • Remove non-clinical barriers to compliance
  • Render a more educated, empowered and compliant patient population
  • Raise performance indicators that can significantly impact your compensation
  • Foster better doctor-patient relationships
  • Achieve higher professional satisfaction and recognition overall
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