A breast biopsy is the removal of breast tissue for examination of signs of breast cancer or other disorders. Biopsy procedures, such as stereotactic, open and lumpectomy, often provide alternatives to surgery and in some cases are minimally invasive.

Types of Biopsies

Ultrasound-guided breast biopsies and stereotactic breast biopsies in the comfort of our breast centers. MRI-guided breast biopsies are performed with breast center staff and a physician on the medical staff. The types of biopsies offered include:

  • Ultrasound guided biopsy - uses ultrasound equipment to “see” and direct the needle to the area where the biopsy is needed
  • Stereotactic biopsy - uses a digital mammography system with computer display and software to guide a needle to the area where samples of tissue will be taken
  • MRI guided biopsy - uses our powerful 3T MRI to guide the breast radiologist to the area of concern.

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