When to See a Memory Disorders Specialist
While becoming a bit more forgetful is normal and to be expected as we age, how can you know if a loved one is starting to show signs of a memory disorder?
Commonly Asked Questions About Alzheimer’s
Despite advances in research about the disease and general public awareness, many of us remain confused or uninformed about Alzheimer’s.
You Have a Diagnosis. What are your Options?
If you or a loved one have received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or another memory disorder, seek help from a dedicated memory care program. Texas Health offers experienced physicians on the medical staff and support programs to ease burdens on the patient, caregiver and family.
  • Therapies

    Therapies and services available to patients and their families include:

    • Diagnostic services to identify cognitive disorders
    • Advanced medication and clinical research options
    • Brain health plans for the prevention of cognitive decline
    • Dementia care plans
    • Support groups and services
    • Referral assistance to community resources
    • Educational conferences for care partners and families
  • Research

    Our patients have the option to participate in clinical trials to help advance medical research. After an initial screening of study options, the physician can determine whether the patient may be a candidate for the study and can discuss participation with the patient.

    Clinical trials are provided as options to help push forward research on Alzheimer’s, progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) and other diseases.

    To learn more about these studies contact the Texas Health THRresearch@texasheatlh.org and check these websites for more information:

  • Support Groups

    Care Partners for Memory Disorders Support Group meets at Texas Health Dallas at 11 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the Jackson Building conference room on the first floor, across from the Chapel. Call 214-345-4224 for more information or sign up for the class email list.

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Find A Neurologist
Find a Memory Care Specialist
Texas Health can help when you or a loved one has memory concerns. Make an appointment with a neurological specialist today.
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