Cancer, Aerobics, Resistance, Exercise – CARE Program for Cancer Patients

The goal of the CARE Program is to help members take back their lives through diet, exercise and social support. The program helps participants reduce the severity of cancer side effects, help maintain a healthy body weight and improve self-esteem through social support and exercise. It is specifically designed to help participants build strength, increase endurance and improve functional mobility.

The CARE Program schedule includes:

  • Two supervised resistance training sessions per week
  • Optional yoga and aquatics group classes per week
  • Bi-monthly nutrition education class
  • Bi-monthly relaxation education class

Criteria for membership eligibility:

  • Ages Eligible for Program: Adult (18 years +)
  • Genders Eligible for Program: Both
  • Any diagnosis of cancer within one year of enrollment or currently undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Must provide informed consent. (Doctor's release can be downloaded below)



AfterCARE is a follow-up to the CARE program or for potential participants that were diagnosed over a year and are not eligible for CARE. AfterCARE provides the same quality instruction and education as CARE.


How to Register for CARE

Download the program brochure and the referral form that you can give to your physician to complete.


For more information about the CARE program, call
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