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Texas Health offers a wide variety of in-person and online childbirth classes that may help prepare families for the upcoming adventure.

Note: Most classes are being offered virtually at this time.
  • Childbirth Classes

    Knowing what to expect may help you keep calm during your birth experience so you can focus on the most important thing — your new baby.

    Prepared Childbirth Class

    This class provides a comprehensive overview of the labor and birth experience and includes tools that support healthy pregnancies and deliveries. During the class, instructors will provide an overview of the birth process, labor support techniques, medications and birth options. Register now!

    Prepared Childbirth for Multiples

    This class is exclusively for couples expecting twins, triplets or more. It combines preparation for childbirth and aspects of breastfeeding to better equip those expecting multiples. This series prepares couples not only for the birth, but also for the exciting challenges that lie ahead for the whole family. Register now!

    Cesarean Birth

    This class reviews the reasons for cesarean birth, emotional and physical support for mothers, and the process and care for mom after a cesarean. Register now!

  • Natural Birth Classes

    A natural, unmedicated vaginal birth is a reasonable goal for the majority of women. By doing research and attending classes you will gather knowledge that will help you overcome the fear and unknown of labor.

    Natural Childbirth Class

    This interactive class is designed for expectant parents who are interested in an un-medicated birth. In addition to an overview of the labor and birth process, participants are taught how to incorporate breathing techniques, movements, positioning and postures throughout the stages of labor. Register now!

    Coping Skills for Labor

    This unique class is designed for expectant parents who have already attended a Prepared Childbirth class and want to learn more about comfort measures and positioning to help manage labor. Register now!

  • Baby Care and Breastfeeding Classes

    Putting on a diaper, burping a baby and accomplishing your breastfeeding goals &mdash let Texas Health teach you the skills to help you be successful.

    Baby Care Basics

    In this class, parents will practice how to bathe, diaper, swaddle and comfort the baby, as well as newborn characteristics, recognizing the baby’s cues and safe sleep. Register now!

    Breastfeeding Basics Class

    This class reviews the benefits of breastfeeding, getting started, making lots of milk, a father's role and strategies for working moms. Register now!

    Happiest Baby on the Block Class

    Have a fussy baby? In this class new parents will learn step-by-step how to help the baby sleep better and how to soothe even the fussiest baby in minutes. Register now!

    Breastfeeding for Working Mothers

    A class that teaches moms how to continue breastfeeding once they return to work, including how to prepare during maternity leave, and pumping and storing at work. Register now!

  • Baby Safety and CPR Classes

    Keeping a baby safe includes proper sleep, car seat installation and CPR skills.

    Baby Safety (includes CPR)

    This class will review choosing safe baby gear, how to use the car seat correctly, risk factors for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and baby proofing the house. Register now!

    Car Seat Safety Appointments

    A session with a certified-child-passenger safety technician that teaches how to properly install the car seat in a vehicle. Register now!

    Infant CPR

    This class teaches infant rescue CPR, relief of the choking infant, injury prevention and treating basic first-aid emergencies. Register now!

    Pediatric CPR

    This course teaches rescuers skills in CPR and relief of choking for young ones ages birth through 8 years. Register now!

  • Classes for Family Members

    Texas Health offers classes to prepare the entire family for a new baby.

    Dad Basic Training

    This class will help to prepare dad by discussing home preparation, dad’s role in daily activities, items to bring to the hospital, and caring for your postpartum wife. Register now!

    Grandparent Class

    Babies have not changed but what we know about them has. This class teaches grandparents how to keep their grandchildren safe and how to support the parents. Register now!

    Sibling Classes

    Prepare new big brothers and sisters by discussing adjustments to family life and their feelings about the new baby, and create an art project. Register now!

  • Prenatal Fitness

    Prenatal fitness classes are available for women with or without previous fitness or yoga experience. A physician medical release is required to participate.

    Pregnancy Yoga

    Pregnancy yoga guides expectant mothers through safe supportive movements to help strengthen body and mind for labor. Experienced instructors teach adapted postures, stretching, breathing and relaxation to help alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy, birth and post-delivery. Register now!

    Pregnancy Cardio Fitness

    This is an upbeat, fun and pregnancy-safe fitness class. This class is the perfect place to get an overall high-intensity, low-impact workout. Register now!

    Prenatal Water Fitness

    Prenatal Water Fitness is a low-impact water class designed specifically for mothers-to-be. This class includes an aerobic segment as well as stretching and toning segments, all in our indoor heated pool. Register now!

  • Mom and Baby Fitness Classes
    Fitness for Moms and Babies

    This cardio class is for moms and their babies. Instructor will lead class with aerobic activities as well as overall toning exercises. This class creates a unique and fun way to bond with other new moms in the community. Register now!

    Water Fitness for Mom and Baby

    The water class for mom and baby incorporates low-impact exercises with muscle-strengthening and toning segments. Each class includes abdominal and stretching exercises with your new bundle of joy. Register now!

    Restore the Core and Pelvic Floor

    This class will focus on safely rehabbing women’s abdominals and pelvic floor. The class will lead women through breathing and exercises that will teach her how to safely work out in all types of fitness. Register now!

    Baby Yoga

    The class is designed to promote better sleep, digestion, and assist in muscular and brain development. It is also incredibly useful for helping participating parent(s) to better bond with baby. Register now!

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