Rehabilitation: A Key Factor in Maintaining Lasting Heart Health

For many people, maintaining good heart health requires more than just living a healthy lifestyle. In fact, thousands of Americans require some form of surgical or non-surgical cardiac treatment each year. If you’re one of them, thinking about how to care for your heart after your procedure is just as important as the procedure itself.

Texas Health Resources is committed to helping you achieve better cardiac health not just through surgery, but in the options for rehabilitation that we offer after surgery. We are proud to offer two cardiac rehabilitation programs, each one with specific features that vary in degrees of involvement, treatment time and intensity.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a commitment, and the degree to which you are willing to engage the components of your program will affect your long term success. This brochure outlines the stages and details of each program so that you can make an informed decision.

It’s important that you work closely with your doctor to assess and talk about the rehabilitation path that makes the most sense for you. When you’re ready to begin a program, we’ll be here to help you begin the path to lasting heart health.

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