The Heart Failure Transitional Clinic at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas is a nurse practitioner and physician managed program assisting congestive heart failure patients through education and by helping them experience improvement in their functional status, higher quality of life and reduced hospitalizations.

Patients referred to the Heart Failure Transitional Clinic are followed on a weekly basis for 30 days to help reduce preventable hospital readmissions.

Program Highlights

  • Comprehensive education to meet a patient's individualized needs for a low salt diet, fluid intake, medication compliance, weight monitoring and activity
  • Early attention to signs and symptoms of CHF
  • Modification of medications using physician approved protocols
  • Timely follow-up and enhanced communication with patients and physicians
  • Monitoring of pertinent lab values

Potential Benefits for Patients

  • Reduction of heart failure symptoms and improvement in functional well-being
  • Increased knowledge about diet and medications
  • Increased compliance with diet and healthy lifestyle modifications
  • Coordination of care between patient, physicians, emergency department and hospital team

The Heart Failure Transitional Clinic is located at Texas Health Dallas in the Margot Perot building. To learn more or refer a patient, call 214-345-2658.

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