Feeding Challenges

Whether you’re nursing or formula feeding—or have introduced solid foods or not—feeding your older baby (around 6 months of age) will likely be a bit challenging.

The culprit this time is not new parenthood, but your baby’s development.

Suddenly aware and interested in everything happening in the room, whether it’s a family member walking by, a show on television or the cat sleeping in the corner, older babies are easily distracted. They want to look at everything and may turn their heads away from the breast (sometimes still holding onto the nipple) or drop the bottle to see something new and exciting.

Whether thrilling or tiresome for you and your family, this lively stage typically starts around 6 months and lasts just a few weeks. Your baby will eventually start to focus on mealtime again. Until then, you may want to try feeding your baby in a somewhat darkened room with the door shut, to get through mealtime with few interruptions.

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