Breastfeeding: It's Only Natural Sort of

All women are biologically built to breastfeed. It is the most natural way to feed a baby. And yet, breastfeeding isn’t necessarily easy or automatic for many moms. It takes practice to make it work for both you and your infant. That’s why it’s so important to learn what you can about breastfeeding while you’re still pregnant. Take a breastfeeding class, read up and watch videos about what a good breastfeeding latch is, the best positions for breastfeeding and where you can find professional lactation support if and when you need it. You’ll feel much more confident once your baby arrives and starts feeding.

In the first couple of weeks with your newborn, breastfeeding may seem challenging. You may wonder whether you’ll ever start to feel comfortable and confident in your breastfeeding ability, and if your little one is getting enough nourishment from you.

Stick with it! Talk with your baby’s healthcare provider and a lactation professional when you have questions or concerns about breastfeeding once you're back home with your baby.

After a few weeks, it should get easier and better, and soon you’ll have mastered this amazing skill. Best of all, you’ll know that you’re providing the perfect food for your baby, along with some lifelong health benefits for both of you.

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