Signs Your Newborn Is Hungry

Signs of hunger in a newborn baby include:

  • Sucking on hands/fingers
  • Licking lips
  • Sticking tongue out
  • Rooting (turning head from side to side and opening mouth)
  • Fidgeting
  • Fussing
  • Trying to suck on your arm or shirt
  • Wriggling
  • Crying 

Watch your baby carefully for these signs. Feed your infant as soon as you see one (or a few). It will be easier to get a good latch when your baby is calm. Crying is a late sign of hunger and can often make feedings more frustrating for you both. 

Nurse often, even more than you think seems necessary. During the first few days, it may feel as if you spend all of your time nursing. It’s intense for sure, but this constant sucking will help your milk come in (the mature milk, rather than colostrum). Offer both breasts during a feeding, especially if your child still seems hungry after one. 

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