Memorializing Breastfeeding

If your breastfeeding journey is coming to an end, you may want to do something special to memorialize this special time in your and your baby’s lives. It can create a feeling of closure and be a wonderful memory for you and your child. Here are some ideas:

A Photo Session

One idea is to book a professional breastfeeding photo shoot. Choose a local photographer, scout a location you love and get some beautiful photos of you and your baby feeding.

Some moms make these extra special with hair and makeup, but you may want a more “documentary” style with an everyday vibe. After all, the routine, everyday moments are worth remembering, too!

Milk Jewelry

Breast milk jewelry is a new trend, but one that’s catching on with memory-minded mamas. You send a small sample of your breast milk to a jewelry artist, who will turn it into a beautiful ring, pendant, bracelet, etc. It often ends up looking a bit like an opal or pearl, so no one would ever know you were wearing your milk!

A Simple Letter

An easy (and inexpensive) idea is to write a letter to your baby about what it was like to breastfeed him or her. Fill it with details about the sounds, smells and sensations of the special times you’ve spent together through the first year of their life—the newborn days, cuddles in bed, wiggly feeds once your baby was more mobile.

Don’t leave out the challenges, either. They are an important part of the story. Share this with your child later in life as a nice memory.

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