Crying and Pouting Is Your Baby Manipulating You


An infant, like anyone else, has likes and dislikes. And at young ages, those preferences can be quite strong. The older your baby gets, the more he or she understands cause and effect and may even try to affect change when possible.

She doesn’t want to be on her tummy right now? You’ll likely hear about it through her cries of frustration. 

He wants more of that sweet potato baby purée? If you aren’t sending a spoonful into his mouth fast enough, he might just wail. Limited in their language skills, babies use crying and even pouting to express a preference or a desire.

They also don’t hide what they are feeling, so all the ups and downs in their day are pretty obvious. Given that your baby has spent much of her time studying you and your partner’s behaviors and reactions, it’s not surprising that she tries to get you to do things that she wants.

Eventually, your little one will learn to talk, rather than cry. But for now, take pride in how smart and able he is to communicate as well as he does!

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