The Infant Gut

A healthy microbiome—the microbiota (good bacteria) that live in your body—is important for so many different systems, from immunity to digestion and more. You can nurture your baby’s microbiome right from birth by breastfeeding.

When you breastfeed, your breast milk colonizes your baby’s digestive system—the heart of the microbiome—giving him your own good bacteria, immunity and more. Breast milk contains human milk oligosaccharides, which work as a “prebiotic” in your baby’s gut. 

Studies have found that breastfed babies have the most beneficial strains of bacteria in their bodies, while formula-fed babies have a higher chance of being colonized with strains like E.coli.

Breastfeeding is beneficial in so many ways. Even if you don’t breastfeed for long, make sure the first thing your baby eats is your breast milk.

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