When Does Your Baby Sleep?

Your baby’s pattern of sleeping and eating will be more predictable with each passing week. If you’re not quite there yet, don’t worry. All babies are different and hit sleeping milestones at different times.

If you want your baby’s routine to correspond with the rest of the family’s, you can help him adjust without putting him on a rigid schedule or impacting your milk supply. 

  • In the morning:  Wake your baby and start her day when you are ready. If she wakes before you’re ready, keep the lights dim and the energy quiet. Eventually, she will get the idea that this is the time to be sleeping, not playing. During the day, wake her if she tends to nap for more than three hours. Keep it light during the day and dark at night.
  • In the evening:  Make sure your little one gets a big feed to tide him over for the first part of the night. After that, you may wish to wake your baby just enough to nurse him once more before you go to sleep yourself. (This is called a “dream feed” and though your infant may not be fully awake he can still successfully nurse.)

While your baby’s cues for feeding and sleeping are still your best guide to meeting his needs, in time, he will begin to get into the rhythm of the family.

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