Air Travel with Your Baby

Very young babies are often terrific airplane passengers, inclined to sleep most of the way. Older babies, however, can make even a short plane ride seem endless.

If you plan to travel with your baby or toddler, a few preparations can make all the difference.

First, keep in mind that during the COVID-19 pandemic, it may not be safe for you and your baby to travel by plane, bus, train or any vehicle that puts you in close contact with other people who could have the virus.

Contact your airline about COVID-related air travel restrictions and requirements, look into how prevalent the virus is at your travel destination and ask your child’s healthcare provider for guidance on whether to travel and how to do it safely. 

Other Tips for Easier Air Travel

  • Often night flights are a wise choice when traveling with a baby, as you both may sleep for much of the way.
  • Nursing or giving your baby a bottle to drink while the plane is taking off or landing will help equalize the pressure in his ears, and keep him more comfortable.
  • Pack a bag with a variety of objects certain to keep your baby’s attention during the trip, at least for a few minutes each: books, rattles and a few new toys.
  • Bring the objects out one at a time, at well-spaced intervals. Interest her in a new item until she’s thoroughly explored it; then wait a bit before introducing another item. Do this until you reach your destination, or your baby falls asleep.
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