Feeding at 6 Weeks

Your baby is probably gaining about a half pound each week. The time between feedings may be spreading out to 2 or 4 hours. If he is breastfed, he may spend 15–20 minutes at each breast or, if formula-fed, take 1.5–3 oz. at each meal.

Breast milk or formula is still all your baby needs at this age. Solid food, even baby cereal, is not well digested until at least 4 months, and usually not needed until 6 months. (If your baby has a family history of diabetes, it is especially important to avoid giving him solid food before he is 4–5 months old, as doing so has been shown to increase the risk of developing the disease.) 

This message is not intended to provide individual medical advice. Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified healthcare provider for any questions you have about your health or medical condition, your breastfeeding issues and your infant's health. Never disregard, avoid or delay contacting a doctor or other qualified professional because of something you have read in our emails, webpages or other electronic communications.

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