Get a Flu Vaccine to Protect Your Baby and You

While the flu vaccine is recommended for most people over 6 months of age, that alone leaves a very vulnerable population unable to get this protection—your newborn!

The influenza vaccine is not recommended for babies under 6 months of age. Yet babies and children under age 5 are among those most at risk for seriously, even deadly, complications from the flu.

Make sure you, your partner, other family members, and any other regular care providers for your baby get the annual flu vaccine. You aren’t just protecting yourself when you get immunized—you’re protecting vulnerable populations around you, including people over age 65, people with health conditions that prevent them from having a flu shot, young children and your baby!

Once your baby is 6 months or older, make sure he or she gets a flu vaccine every year, too. 

Check out this video from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for tips on how you and your family can protect yourselves and others from the flu.

Do your part to stop the spread of flu at home

Flu season typically runs from October through May in the United States. Get your vaccine as soon as possible once the new annual dose is available. It takes up to 2 weeks for your body to build up immunity to this virus, and you’ll want that immunity before the flu starts circulating in your area.

Learn more about protecting your baby from the flu with these tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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