Juggling Work, Baby and Older Siblings

Returning to work is a major change, and everyone in the family (including your baby) is trying to adjust. If possible, try to spend some quiet time with your baby when you get home (nursing is a good way to reunite if you are still breastfeeding) while your partner, relative, friend, or young “mother’s helper” tends to the older children.

If this isn’t possible, try to gather everyone around for 20 minutes or so of quiet family time—you could put on some soothing music or have an older child read a story.

As you know, organization is the key to getting things done, but it will be easier on everyone if all family members share in the responsibilities. While your older children and partner may need to take on more chores, you may also choose to let some things go, such as dusting or vacuuming, in order to take care of the more important tasks.

If you can afford to pay for outside cleaning help or a grocery delivery service, you can shift those responsibilities off your shoulders. If not, do not hesitate to accept offers of help or ask for help from your extended family, friends, religious group, or other community organization.

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