Milestones at 5 Months

The curiosity and discovery continue as your baby explores the world around him. He’ll also start to display some serious acrobatics as he becomes aware of his body and all its parts.

It’s typical for 5-month-old babies to: 

  • Discover and explore different parts of the body, like feet, fingers and toes, and even bring those to the mouth
  • Watch objects when they’re dropped and understand that they didn’t disappear.
  • Be able to distinguish family and friends from strangers
  • Become upset if you take away a toy
  • Experiment with more sounds, repeating sounds like “bababa” and trying other consonant-vowel sounds.

Just remember:  All babies are different and develop at their own pace. Developmental milestones occur over a range of time because of this.

If your infant hasn’t yet reached some of these milestones, it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong.

Talk with your baby’s healthcare provider about any developmental concerns, including if your baby ...

  • Does not recognize you by sight
  • Is not interested in looking at new books, toys or pictures
  • Responds to some, but not all sounds, or sounds at certain pitches don’t phase him
  • Cannot stop crying at night, even when you comfort him
  • Does not smile spontaneously
  • Cannot roll over
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