Milestones at 7 Months

Your baby is getting more physical and more curious by the day. And physical changes are helping him or her navigate the world better and better.

It’s typical for 7-month-old babies to:

  • Begin to sit with support from his hands and eventually to sit without any support at all
  • Have full-color vision and improved distance vision
  • Track moving objects even better (try moving toys in and out of his range of vision to see if he follows you)
  • Support her own weight on her feet, when you hold her up
  • Transfer objects from 1 hand to the other and use a raking movement to pick up objects His fine motor skills are improving
  • Begin to respond to “no” (though not always in a positive way!)
  • Find objects that you partially hide

Just remember:  All babies are different and develop at their own pace. Developmental milestones occur over a range of time because of this.

If your infant hasn’t yet reached some of these milestones, it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong.

Talk with your baby’s healthcare provider about any developmental concerns, including if your baby ...

  • Seems floppy when held, or the head flops back when placed in a sitting position
  • Shows no affection for loved ones or does not like being around people
  • Does not reach for objects
  • Does not follow objects with both eyes
  • Cannot put weight on the legs when supported to stand

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