Missing Your Baby after Returning to Work


After being with your baby around the clock, you likely felt ready to go back to work and have some adult time. But this change comes with mixed feelings for most parents; the end of maternity or family leave tends to align with your baby becoming more interactive and engaging. Not very fair, is it?

If the newborn phase is called the “fourth trimester”, then let’s call returning to work the “fifth trimester.” It’s a huge change for you and your baby, who is now in someone else’s care while you’re away.

Relish in your post-work snuggles with your little one, and spend lots of time with your baby on your days off if you’re feeling the sting of separation. Lean on other parents at work who’ve gone through the same, or reach out to a postpartum support network for coping techniques. Like everything in parenthood, this will get easier as time passes. 

If you haven’t yet returned to work but are going to, consider asking your supervisor to ease into it—perhaps working part-time for a week or 2 to get you and your baby used to the change.

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