Why You Need a Will Now That You're Parents

A will is important, now that you’re parents, because it’s a legal document indicating who will be your child’s guardian if you die and to whom you will leave your savings, possessions and property. Consider your choice carefully, and put it in writing.


You’ll also need to name a trustee, who will manage the property you leave to your child until he or she is an adult. The trustee can be the same person as the guardian or someone else.

If the cost of hiring a lawyer is delaying your writing a will, check your public library and online for sources that will guide you through creating one yourself. Look for information specific to your particular state.

Disclaimer: This page is not intended to provide medical advice about your child. Always seek the advice of a physician, qualified healthcare provider or child-development specialist with any questions you have about your child's health, medical condition or development. Never disregard, avoid or delay contacting a doctor or other qualified professional because of something you read here.

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