Help for Painful Leg Cramps

Have you experienced leg cramps yet?

In the middle of the night, you're sleeping soundly when suddenly a painful cramp seizes your calf muscle. Leg or foot cramps are common during the last 3 months of pregnancy when you're resting or asleep.

Muscle fatigue, impaired circulation and pressure on the nerves of the legs are all possible causes.

If a cramp wakes you up, hop out of bed and stand on that leg. Letting the floor help you, gently flex your foot and slowly stretch out the muscle.

Stretching your legs before bedtime may reduce cramping while you sleep. Support hose, leg elevation and drinking lots of fluids may also help to reduce leg cramps.

In some cases, cramps are be caused by a mineral imbalance too little or too much calcium or magnesium in your diet. They can also be caused by too much phosphorus, which is found in soft drinks, processed meats and snack foods.

Check your diet to be sure you are eating lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts or dairy products. If you have severe or prolonged leg pain, consult your healthcare provider.

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