Appointment with a Specialist

During well-child appointments with the healthcare provider, your toddler will be assessed to make sure he or she is meeting age-appropriate milestones. All kids develop at different rates, but there are some key milestones that doctors look for. This is important in identifying potential developmental.

If the healthcare provider raises a concern about development, it’s normal to feel apprehensive, especially if it’s something you hadn’t noticed yourself. 

The provider may refer your child to a pediatric development specialist, an occupational or physical therapist or another professional. Likely, he or she is just being cautious, but it’s important to follow up to see what the specialist has to say.

The earlier a concern is discovered and addressed, the more likely it will not become a lasting problem. A specialist may also have some great tips, strategies and tools that you can use to help your child reach milestones he’s missed.

Write down your concerns and questions and bring them with you to the appointment. And know that you’re doing the best you can for your child by checking into any possible problems.

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