Appointment with a Specialist

Q: “I just came back from the pediatrician with my child and I’m nervous. The doctor called my child’s name twice and she didn’t turn around. The doctor said there could be a problem with her hearing and made an appointment for her with a specialist. But I think it’s just because my daughter didn’t want to look at the doctor. Should I take her to the specialist?”

A: It can feel scary to have a doctor raise a concern about your child, especially when you don’t expect it. But this is one reason why it’s recommended that children see their main healthcare provider on a regular basis.

Parents can sometimes overlook something because they’re so in tune with their child. Your doctor is probably just being cautious and there is nothing to worry about, but keep the appointment anyway and see what the specialist has to say.

The earlier a concern is discovered and addressed, the more likely it is that it will not become a lasting problem.

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