Big Boned or Overweight?

With all the news about childhood obesity and the nation’s obsession with weight, you might wonder about the baby fat your toddler still sports. Or you might dismiss your concerns by telling yourself not to worry about your child’s weight at this young age.

If you aren’t sure whether your child is carrying too much, too little or just the right amount of weight, ask the healthcare provider.

A 2019 British study revealed that 55% of parents surveyed underestimated how overweight their child was, using descriptive words such as “big boned” instead.

While genetics may contribute to your child’s physique, if the healthcare provider voices concerns about him being overweight, chances are the assessment is correct. Ask to see standard pediatric growth charts for a better understanding on an appropriate weight.

To help prevent obesity, encourage an active lifestyle, and listen to your doctor’s suggestions for healthy eating.

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