Biting While Nursing

If your toddler is biting while nursing, it’s likely she is exploring cause and effect. She has probably discovered that she can make you jump whenever she wants by using her teeth when nursing. Fun for her, not so much for you!

Your little one doesn’t realize that she’s causing you pain, but is enjoying the instant and dramatic response to his action.

The next time she nurses, if possible, take her off the breast after she is satiated but before she has a chance to nip you. If she does nip you again, take her off and, rather than yelping, firmly tell her “no!” Then end the nursing session.

There is no need to wean your child because of this, but do teach her that this behavior is not funny and not allowed.

There is no need to wean her, but do teach her that this behavior is not funny and not allowed.

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