Crying Upon Separation

Separation anxiety hits different children at different times, but all toddlers experience this phase at some point. If your toddler cries when you leave the room, rest assured this is developmentally normal behavior.

When your toddler cries when you go out of her sight, it’s her way of asking you to come back; it doesn’t necessarily mean she is sad or afraid.

To ease your child’s mind:

  • Let him know where you’re going before you leave and that you will be back.
  • Advise the person you’re leaving her with to also reassure him that you’ll return.

This phase can be difficult and can come up multiple times in a young child’s life—daycare drop-offs, starting school, etc.

The good news is that your toddler now has the ability to “remember” that you’ve left and is making thoughtful connections.

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