Doesn't Want to Eat

Beginning in the second year, your child will probably start to become more independent. That can include choosing what he or she will and won’t eat.

If your toddler is resisting eating his food, try to remain calm and positive during mealtime. When food is thrown on the floor, clean it up and say, “Oh, I see you’re not hungry now.” Then end the meal. While you might be tempted to try to “find” something else for your child to eat, limit foods to 1 or 2 choices. Your toddler will eat when hungry.

If she’s been a good eater up until now and is in the normal weight range for her height, you probably have nothing to worry about. Most likely, it’s a phase that she’ll soon outgrow. If this pattern continues, and she’s not eating at all, discuss it with your child’s health care provider.

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