Growth Slows Appearance Changes Fast

At the 1st birthday, your toddler probably still looked very much like a baby. But that will change in this 2nd year of life, as growth slows down and changes in appearance speed up.

As your little one becomes more active, muscles will develop and some of that baby fat will disappear. The arms and legs will gradually get longer, and the feet will start pointing forward (instead of out to the sides) when your child walks.

Your toddler’s face will start to look more angular, with a more defined jaw.

Height & Weight at 15 Months
  • The average girl weighs about 23 pounds and stands nearly 30.5 inches tall, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • The average boy weighs about 24.5 pounds and stands 31 inches tall.

Both will gain about 1.5 pounds and grow another inch over the next few months. By age 2, the average girl will be about 34 inches tall and weigh 27 pounds, while the average boy will stand about 34.5 inches tall and weigh almost 28 pounds.

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