Naughty or Playful

Q: “I am worried about the relationship between my son and my husband. In the morning as my husband gets ready for work, my son grabs for his clothes and my husband gets upset. I think my son is trying to imitate what my husband is doing, but my husband thinks he’s being naughty. How can I help him to see the playfulness?”

A: Try to enjoy your son’s desire to imitate his parents at an easier time, when you or your husband aren’t preparing for work or another important obligation.

If one parent is busy and can’t stop to play, the other parent (or another family member) can find an alternate activity for the child in a different room.

Then find opportunities to enjoy your child’s imitation games when you both aren’t under any time pressures. Offer your son a small rake on a weekend day, for example, while you and your husband clear the leaves.

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