Read It Again

When your toddler asks you to read the same story over and over, you may wonder, what’s the point? But your child is learning something each time.

The repetition also helps to reinforce important information for your child and establish brain connections. Brain development begins in the womb. One aspect of this process that continues throughout life is the formation of connections in the brain.

As the brain develops, unneeded connections are eliminated and important ones are strengthened. Most of this pruning occurs between the ages of 3 and 16.

How does the brain know which connections are important? Repetition—such as reading a story over and over again—helps.

Disclaimer: This page is not intended to provide medical advice about your child. Always seek the advice of a physician, qualified healthcare provider or child-development specialist with any questions you have about your child's health, medical condition or development. Never disregard, avoid or delay contacting a doctor or other qualified professional because of something you read here.

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