Shopping Cart Safety

Grocery shopping with a toddler usually means putting the child into the shopping cart to keep him from wandering. But the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against doing this, because shopping cart accidents involving young children are so prevalent.

If possible:

  • Leave your child with another caregiver while you shop.
  • Have your toddler walk beside you if able.
  • Do your shopping online.
  • Use an alternative way to carry your child while shopping, such as a stroller or baby carrier.

If you do use a shopping cart:

  • Always use the cart’s safety belt or harness.
  • Do not let your child stand in the cart.
  • Never leave your child alone.
  • Do not put an infant carrier on top of the cart.
  • Do not put your child in the basket part of the cart.
  • Do not let your child ride on or climb the outside of the cart (a tipping danger).
  • Do not let an older child push the cart with a younger child in it.
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