Tantrums at Age 1

A 1-year-old throwing a temper tantrum may have you wondering what your child will be like down the road. While many people associate tantrums with “the terrible twos,” these often do begin well before age 2.


In fact, tantrums peak between ages 1 and 3. They’re usually a means of getting attention or expressing that the child is uncomfortable (tired, sick, hurt, etc.).

It helps to understand that a toddler whines, screams, hits, kicks or even holds his breath because he doesn’t know how to express himself more constructively.

Tantrums are normal and should gradually decrease over time. In the meantime, if you anticipate a tantrum coming, try comforting words, a gentle hug, or distracting your child with a favorite toy, an interesting object or a song. Once the tantrum starts, the best thing to do is ignore it as long as the child is in a safe place and pay positive attention immediately when the child is able to stop.

You may have to remove your toddler to a safe and quiet place until he or she calms down.

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