The Dominant Child

Individual temperament arrives along with the color of a child’s hair and eyes. Some children are more outspoken than others and always will be.


As your toddler discovers she’s a separate person from you with her own desires, she can seem willful, stubborn and defiant. Though trying, this behavior is most likely a normal demonstration of her increasing independence. It will fade as she grows toward her next stage of development.

Try ignoring his tantrums and teaching those around him to do that so well. As soon as the tantrum stops, don’t talk about it, but pay immediate positive attention to him—as if it never happened.

Disclaimer: This page is not intended to provide medical advice about your child. Always seek the advice of a physician, qualified healthcare provider or child-development specialist with any questions you have about your child's health, medical condition or development. Never disregard, avoid or delay contacting a doctor or other qualified professional because of something you read here.

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