Whats In the Bag

As your toddler gains more vocabulary, try this game:

  • Take a large paper bag and fill it with familiar items from your child’s world.
  • Then ask your child to put her hand in and feel 1 of the items without peeking inside.
  • Ask her to describe what she feels (it’s cold, soft, hard fuzzy, etc.) and ultimately what she thinks it is.

Remember, this can be hard work for toddlers, so encourage and support all of his efforts. If he mislabels or incorrectly describes the item he has in his hands, help him along and talk about all of the reasons why he made a good guess based on the evidence she had.

When it’s your turn and you describe what you feel, emphasize those words. When you guess and then pull the object out, repeat the descriptive words again for your child.

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